Most Common WordPress Website Errors & How You Can Fix Them

WordPress is really easy to use, but there are some WordPress errors that can make problem for you. The good point is that the WordPress website errors you are seeing on your website are most likely been resolved and reported by some people before you. In this article, we will cover the most common WordPress Website errors and tell you how to fix these common WordPress errors.

WordPress Website Internal Server Error

However the most confusing WordPress error that a starter may face is “Internal Server Error”, or sometimes “500 Internal Server Error”. This type of errors usually appears when there is something wrong with Website or hosting & server, but the hosting & server is unable to identify where the problem is. Error message do not point where you should look the error. If you want to know how you can fix this issue so you can search and find the solution of fix this error.

How to Fix Establishing a Database Connection Error in Website

This error message is clearly try to tell you that your WordPress website is unable to connect to the database. However solving this error can be difficult for beginners and new users. Usually this type of error occurs when a user has modified or entered their database credentials (database username, database password, and database host) incorrectly.

Sometimes your database server could be not working or unresponsive, or your database may have corrupted. However, mostly this type of error becomes incorrect database login credentials. You can search and find the best and possible solution of this error.

How to Fix Posts Returning 404 Errors in WordPress

Sometime when you try to open your WordPress website, so you see 404 error message, and do not open your posts. This problem become most time because of permalinks. If you by mistake change the permalink setting so sometime all posts show 404 errors because settings do not save correctly and that’s why all your posts show 404 error messages.

If you want to fix this issue so you need to use old permalink settings and if you use old settings so perhaps this error fix. If after settings of permalinks do not fix this issue so however that is a temporarily issue, if after wait some hours do not fix this issue so then you need to fix this issue via hosting panel. If you now about that so you do this and if you do not know about so I suggest you contact with hosting provider and tell them about this problem. Hope hosting provider solve this problem for you.

How to Fix Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue in WordPress Website

Most of time this issue becomes because you use any plugin which change your login page address or set redirect to any other page. If you install and activate any new plugin so I suggest you uninstall this plugin via hosting c-panel and then try to open your login page. Hope if you do this so your problem solve.

How to Fix in WordPress Website Image Upload Issue

Sometimes if anyone visit your website so this user notice all your site images do not show and only show a blank page on images or your images broke. This problem normally become when you change your images path in hosting.

So when you do this so your posts images set on old path so that’s why you or your users see blank page on images. If you do this, I mean change images path so change all posts images on new path and if you do this so hope your problem solve.

How to Fix Keeps Logging Out Issue in WordPress

WordPress sets a cookie in your browser and when you clear your history and after that if you try to login in your wordPress website so sometimes you see this type of error. In this error you automatically logout when you login in your WordPress website. If you do this so try to login in your website two or three times after that this problem fix.

Sometimes this problem become from your internet provider. If your internet provider change you IP so you automatically logout from your website. In this cause you can talk with your internet provider and tell them fix your IP and do not change your IP again. Hope you understand common WordPress website issues and method of solving these problems.


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