How You Can Get Google Sitelinks For Your WordPress Website

Sometimes when you search for a website or company name in Google search (like “Hostgator or Bluhost”), so you may notice the search listing is larger of Hostgator or Bluhost from others because it contains sitelinks to other unique and important pages from the company website.

These sitelinks in Google helps your brand stand out, become more famous and get more exposure. In this article, we will share with you how you can get Google sitelinks for your website that is on WordPress.

What are Google Sitelinks?

Google sitelinks are additional pages (you can call these pages sub-pages) that appear under the first website in Google search engine ranking results. These are internal links to the most popular and unique pages of that website. Google sitelinks are sometimes shown when you search for a famous brand keyword because they try to help the user easily navigate around the company website.

If your website is new or you do not get a lot of traffic on your site, then Google may not display any sitelinks for your keyword. But you no need to worry; we’ll share some best tips with you on how to influence Google sitelinks for your website. But before we talk about tips, let’s talk about why Google sitelinks are important for your website.

Why Are Google Sitelinks Important For You Brand.?

When anyone search on Google so if your website sitelinks show in Google search so people trust on you. I explain you with an example, if you make an e-commerce website and sell products on your website. So when anyone type your site name on search so if your sitelinks appear in Google search engine, so people easily access your site different pages and users trust you and feel save and if any user trust on you so your products sell ratio increase and in this way your website become a brand soon and fast.

Google sitelinks are coveted by SEO professionals and business owners because they help your company brand stand out and help to become famous.

How You Can Get Google Sitelinks For Your WordPress Website.?

Google sitelinks are automated, and they are displayed in search entirely based on Google’s search engine algorithm. However you can follow some best SEO practices to improve your chances of getting Google sitelinks for your company website.

Your WordPress Website Name Must be Unique

Google sitelinks are displayed on brand specific search queries, and they’re only added for that website which is ranks #1 for search results. If you have a generic brand name like “Global Expert Consulting”, then perhaps you will likely struggle to rank at the top in Google search engine. However if you get to position #1 in search engine, Google still has a hard time to deciding if the user is really searching for your brand or the general topic.

If your website name unique like Hostgator so when anyone search your brand name so Google easily decide which thing user need and in this way your website improvement chances are high and show your sitelinks in Google search engine soon and fast.

Improve Website Page Titles and Make them Relevant And Unique

Page titles are playing most important rule in on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) element. You need to make sure that your website page title is relevant and unique to the keyword that you are trying to rank for. Google search engine uses page titles to generate the sitelinks of your website, so you need to make sure that your page titles are unique and relevant.

If you cannot make unique page titles of your pages so perhaps your brand sitelinks do not soon show in Google and only show your brand name without sitelinks. Hope you understand what is Google sitelinks and how you can show these sitelinks in Google search engine fast and soon. if you like this article, so don’t forget to share this with others, Thank you.


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