How To Make Popup Form on Click of Link or Image in WordPress

Popup form become very famous because in this way your website visitors do not face any problem and your site space do not cover if you set popup form so visitors easily access this form. If you set form in sidebar of your WordPress website so your site space cover and it’s not look beautiful and make the reason of damage of your website beauty.

You can use popup for many ways, I mean you can use popup for contact us form, about us, email subscription, give any offer or coupon code and provide some important information etc.

Do you want to make a popup that appears when any of your visitor click on an image or link on your website? This is a best way to grow your email list, and it’s mostly used by popular and famous sites to offer an opportunity.

In this article, we are going to show you how to open a popup on click of an image or link in WordPress website, step by step. It’s not complicated you can easily make a WordPress popup form on click.

What Is an “On Click” Popup.?

On-click popup forms are light box popups and that open when any visitor clicks on a button, link, or image on your WordPress website. Normally, popups appear on WordPress websites when any visitor arrives or when they are about to leave from your site. On click popup forms make for triggered the user interaction.

How To Make Popup Forms.?

If you want to make popup forms for your site so you can do this via many ways, but I suggest you use plugins for this. Because if you do this manual so you need hard work and time and if you have not technical skills so perhaps you cannot make popups forms manually and if you do this online website so there are high chances of breaking your website.

If you have technical skills or if you want to know how to make popups forms manually and you have free time then you can do this manually. If you have not any skills or time so plugins are a best option for you.

Many free and paid plugins available and you can make popup forms with help of these plugin. If you want to use free plugins so in these you have limited options and you cannot make professional popup forms and if you use premium plugin so in it have many best and unique features and you can make professional popup forms with help of premium plugins.

If you have money so I suggest you use premium plugin, because popup forms very important for a website and if you do not make a unique and professional popup form so hope users do not like this and perhaps this become the reason of leaving your website.

Now day’s competition very high, that’s why you need to provide high quality work. If you do not provide high quality works so users do not like your website and in this way you lost traffic, visitors and perhaps trust. Hope you understand what I want to say and what the importance are popup forms and how you can make popups forms for your WordPress website.


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