How To Enable Automatic Updates on WordPress Website

If your website plugins and themes updated so that is a good point for you, because if you do not update your themes or plugins so you face problem in future. Sometimes your website speed goes down because plugins have some features which need to update and if you do not do this so this affect your site speed and performance.

Did you know that when you install WordPress on your website so comes with automatic updates enabled but only for minor releases? This means that the team can automatically install minor releases and important security updates without requiring user input.

However, if does not automatically update your WordPress website when this mean there is a new major release. You’ll have to manually update your WordPress on your site. In this article, we’ll show you how you can enable automatic updates for your WordPress website for major releases as well.

What Are Major Releases.?

WordPress release update after some days but major release do not update soon it’s done after some months and in that release many important data and structure change. That’s why WordPress do not automatically update this release because in that your website break chances are high and if WordPress team automatically update major release and if your website break so this become a problem for WordPress team.

How To Enable Automatic Update in WordPress Website

If you want to enable automatically update for your themes, plugins and WordPress so you can do this with help of plugins. But please note sometimes this become problem for you, some updates are for testing and in these updates have problems and if you enable automatically update so perhaps this type of updates become problem for your website.

I share with you my own story, I make a website and I use a plugin in this website. When I update this plugin, so this plugin break my website structure and make problem for me. When I use old version so my website work fine and if I use new version so I face problem.

That’s why I tell you some updates prove harmful for your website, so that is very important to check your website carefully after update WordPress, themes or plugins, because if you do not do this and theme, plugin or WordPress break your website structure so perhaps your visitors face problem and you lose your rare visitors.

Enable Automatic WordPress Updates Using a Plugin

You can set automatic update for your themes, plugins and WordPress with plugins. Which plugin I suggest you this is a best plugin and if you have no time to update your website manually or you want to add update automatically so you can use “Easy Updates Manager” plugin. “Easy Updates Manager” is a best plugin, you can use this plugin free and you don’t need to pay money.

If you want to install and activate this plugin so you need to go in WordPress dashboard and after that go in plugins and search “easy updates manager” plugin and after that install and activate this plugin. When “easy updates manager” plugin activate so set automatically updates in this plugin. Hope you understand how you can automatically update your Website new releases of WordPress, themes and plugins.


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