How to Buy Domain Name That is Already Taken (Pro Tips)

We often hear from readers who want to buy domain that is already taken. If you are in this situation, then you might be wondering how you can about getting hold of any domain that someone already owns.

The easy solution would be to find other best domain name. However, any time this may not be the good option. In this article, I am going to share my expert tips on how to buy already taken domain & give you some tips. We will also cover few strategies that you can use if your domain is not available.

Tips on Buy Already Taken Domain

All websites owners need domain name. This is your website address on the internet. See our guide on how domain names work if you’re not 100% sure what domain actually is.

It’s important to beware of risks and scams, so you do not waste money or time. That’s why we have put together these tips on how you can buy already taken domain as safely as possible. You can register new domain for around $10 – $15 from any of the best domain registrars. You can even get a free domain when you sign up with hosting plans like Bluehost, Hostgator, etc.

How to Actually Buy Domain Name That Already Taken

There are two routes to buy domain names that are already been taken:

1. Privately contact the domain owner and agreeing on the sale
2. Look the domain name in marketplaces.

The first way avoid involving a third-party into the sale of the domain name, and you may be able to by domain from the owner towards more favorable pricing. If the domain already has a website with contact form, then you can use this form to reach out to the website owner. However, you can search for it using the Domain name WHOIS tool. You may be getting the contact details of the owner of domain there.

The second method is to look domain name using online domain marketplaces. This is where many domain owners to sell domains. We recommend you if possible using It is one of the best places to buy a domain name for sale or register domain name. Just search for the domain you are looking for to see if this is available for sale or not.

Domain names that are taken may be highlighted as premium domain with price. If you find the domain listed there, then you can add this domain to the cart and complete the payment process. You can try different domain marketplaces like Flippa, Sedo, etc to see if the domain is listed for sale or not.

If the domain name is not listed in any marketplace, then it is perhaps not available for sale. You can still use the first method of contact with the owner with your offer. Now I tell you some tips.

Avoid Using Different Extension

If you find that which domain name you want that is already taken when using a .com, then you might be use a different domain extension like .org or .net. Perhaps, this can cause problems as people forget your domain name & type in .com or .net.

You may face some legal issues if the .com or .net domain name owner argues that you are trying to infringe on their brand name. This is perhaps become the case if they have registered it as trademark. So carefully check before buy any domain name. I try cover more on why you need a .com domain name in my article.

Know Exactly What You’re Going To Buy

Make sure you know better what you are trying to be getting. Is it only the domain name you’re trying to buy? Or are you buying a website too? If you’re tried to buy website, then does this include all the content of that website that you want to buy?

However if you are making a little purchase, be sure to get crucial details in writing at the least. Bonus: ask if the owner of the domain name has access to social media accounts for the domain name, so you can get these social media as part of the deal. If you liked this article, then please share this, Thank you.


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