Best Ways To Earn Money From Your YouTube Videos

If you want to know how you can monetize your YouTube videos, so read this article. In this article I share with you some best ways of monetize YouTube videos. Which method you like you can monetize YouTube videos via this method and if you want so you can apply multiple ways.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a best way of monetize your YouTube videos. In this way you need to attach your channel with Google AdSense and when your channel connect with Google AdSense so after that AdSense ads show on your videos and you can earn money via this method. Many people earn money with help of this method.

If you want to earn money via this way so you need to make your channel qualify for AdSense requirements. I mean you cannot show AdSense ads directly on your YouTube videos. First you need to complete one thousand subscribers on your channel and four thousand hours watch time on your videos. When you complete these requirements so after that you can apply for Google AdSense.

When you meet approval so after that you can show Google AdSense ads on your videos and earn money via this method. Hope you understand how you can earn money via this way and how you can complete this method requirement.

Affiliate Marketing

Second way of make money from YouTube videos is affiliate marketing. If you do not want to earn via Google AdSense so you can earn money via affiliate marketing. In this method you can promote products in your videos and if anyone buy this product via your affiliate link so you can earn money. If you want to earn with both AdSense and affiliate marketing so you can do this.

Monetize With Brand Sponsors

This is another best method of making money from your videos. In this way you can contact with different brands owners and tell them you have a YouTube channel and you want to promote their brand products on your YouTube channel.

If your channel have good quality I mean if you have best number of subscribers so you can easily get orders from different brands and when you promote brands product on your YouTube channel so these brands owners give you money for promotion.

Sell Your Own Products

If you have any product so you can sell this product with help of your YouTube videos. If you use this method so you do not need to pay for advertisement. If your products are attractive so this is best way of earn money from YouTube.

Give Paid Services on YouTube

If you are a teacher or you have skills in any services like Adobe Photos or Videos Editing etc. so you can give paid services on YouTube. In this method you can make one or two demo videos and upload these videos on YouTube and when anyone watch these videos and if anyone interested in your service so he/she buy your service and you can earn money via your services.

If you want to teach online so you can do this, upload videos on YouTube and give access of these videos of your paid students. In this way you can teach your students from home and you don’t need to go school, college or university and no need to open any type of academy. Hope these methods you like and understand the ways of making money from YouTube.


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